This project is about the destruction and transience of the human body.

Based on the thought, that emerged in medical writings of the Enlightenment, of death as a creeping process that takes place in every living being, the artist investigates the transformation of the body, making the process of continuous change visible.
 The flowing transition between landscape graphics and representation of people, their stroke of faith and death illustrates the idea of a cycle of death and of natural reincarnation; the body is in constant transformation and over time becomes earth, from where something new will grow.

11:11 TAROT (2021)

11:11 is a collaborative project with artist Larisa Cataño about the symbolism of the Tarot de Marseille.

The tarot is a card deck consisting of 78 cards. That includes the 'Minor Arcana' (56 cards) and the 'Major Arcana' (22 cards). The archetypal images and symbols of the 'Major Arcana' depict the soul’s journey and provide doorways to the personal and collective unconscious.

Cataño and Dorn have been exploring the beauty, symbolism and mysteries of the Mayor Arcana. The 'Tarot de Marseille' serves them not only as a tool for self-reflection and self-knowledge, but also as a guideline and inspiration for their journey of artistic expression and for the creation of 11:11, their own tarot deck art project.



The theme of the Broken Face is a recurring figure in the artist's work, being fascinated and terrified at the same time by the brutality of these pictures.
Working with these pictures, Charlotte Dorn tries to empathize with the pain that the people must feel.


Homeless people are often overseen by the people passing by, it's like they are invisible. Dorn wants to depict this indifference towards people that are physically so close to us, living in the street we take everyday to work, but that we normally just try to ignore.

The pattern of the street is the same as on the sheet and so the body melts into the floor.

HYBRID (2019)

Human and caterpillar melt together to become a hybrid figure.


The landscape as a projection of an emotional state. 


The renovation of a house using mainly eco-friendly and recycled materials.

For the stone floor lime stones were recycled and for the walls clay plaster was used.


IN A ROW (2021)

A flock of sheep consisting of various subjects whose individuality is highlighted through the naming. 

The multiplication of one drawing due to the printing conveys the idea of an underlying common ground, from where diversity arises. 

The used natural materials raw wool, sheep droppings, dried leafs, wood and hay embed the sheep in a surrounding and permit a multifarious experience of the artwork. 

The sheep are installed in a row with a short distance between the sheets, so that the single wood print is not visible in its wholeness, but melts into one group. 


Remembering the sheep when moving from Germany through Belgium through collecting things that belonged to them.